An Exploration of the Best Powered and Active Speakers

A revolution is slowly taking place in the home audio industry. Speaker manufacturers have recently realized that some audio enthusiasts want to experience amazing sound while listening to their favorite music at home without the added requirement to separately purchase — or sacrifice the additional space needed to set up and connect — a stereo receiver, an integrated amplifier, or a preamplifier and power amplifier combo.

Many leading loudspeaker brands offer floor standing tower speakers and/or bookshelf speakers featuring built-in amplifiers which can simply be plugged into AC outlets for their power source. These powered and active speakers feature HDMI ARC or eARC connectivity and have other audio inputs on back of them to connect audio source components using the appropriate cables. Each of the speakers showcased on this website also allow you to wirelessly stream audio to them using Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth technology without the need for any additional hardware.

For example, KEF’s LS60 Wireless active floor standing tower speakers are the flagship offering from their LS Wireless Collection celebrating six decades since the 1961 founding of KEF in Maidstone, England.

Don’t have enough cash or floor space available for the tower speakers? The compact KEF LS50 Wireless II active bookshelf speakers might be the better choice for you…